Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching rain water at CBSM!

Hello everyone!

I have some great news!  The water project I applied for was approved, funded and get this...it's already built!!  I cannot believe it.  I received the funds from Water Charity one week ago and started ordering/buying materials on Wednesday and Thursday.  Construction began early Saturday morning and was complete the next day.  I am ecstatic!

Community Breskthrough Support Mission's rainwater catchment!

My "fundi" (carpenter) was such a pleasure to work with.  He was honest with me about prices and got the job done effectively and efficiently.  He even bought some extra concrete out of his own pocket on Monday and made the tap more secure because he was worried the children might put too much pressure on it and break it. 

The students and staff are extremely grateful for the tank because now if the tapped water gets shut off they will not have to suffer.  No one will have to make the trek down to the river to fetch water anymore!  
HOORAY for water!

Water Charity is a great organization that works with Peace Corps volunteers sponsoring projects dealing with water and sanitation.  My total budget was $555 and $200 has been donated so far.  Even though I have not raised all of the money they pre-funded my project.  In order for Water Charity to be able to continue giving funds to other projects around the world it is important that I raise the rest of the money for my project.  If you are interested in donating please go to this link:


I would like to send a big THANK YOU out to Edna Duarte, Karen Usoff, Lia Hadley and Katherine Rowe for your donations already.  Keep an eye out in the mail for a little something from Kenya :)  Also thank you in advance to Angela Kisse and Corin Reuss for choosing this project as your favor donation.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your support.  You all are absolutely wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love always,

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hello everyone!
Sorry it has been a while since I wrote last but the internet at my site has unfortunately been getting slower and slower.

Things around here are good though! Last month I went to my last Peace Corps conference which was great.  We talked about resume writing, how to adjust back to the States after living here for two years and opportunities available to us once we get back home.  After a medical checkup in Nairobi (hooray for pooping in a cup!) I took a little vacation to Ethiopia for a week!

Ethiopia was fantastic!  The people are much more laid back and not as aggressive as Kenyans.  Also the landscape, food and coffee are AMAZING!  My favorite part of the trip was a day trip from Addis Ababa (the capital) to Wenchi Crater Lake.  We rode horses around the crater and took a boat to see an old monastery, it was so beautiful!  After Addis we went to Bahir Dar and Gonder.  We saw Blue Nile Falls and the Royal Enclosure (castles built in the 16th century).

Since Ethiopia I have been keeping busy at my site.  I helped my friend, Lori, with an HIV/AIDS Day she had about a week ago.  I taught about STIs and male/female condoms.  At the end of the day 60 people were tested for HIV (one was positive).  I am so amazed how the stigma about HIV and getting tested has decreased significantly.  It seems like most people want to know their status and are not afraid of getting tested anymore which is great!

I have also applied to install a rain water catchment tank on my school compound through an organization called Water Charity.  Currently the school has tapped water but it is not enough for all of the students.  Since Kimilili gets so much rain I thought a backup source of water would be a smart investment.  I should hear back from Water Charity in about 2 to 3 weeks and if they approve my project I will need your help funding it!  I will keep you all updated on that :) 

Other than that my mind has preoccupied with life after August 6th.  I plan on traveling around until September 20th when I finally fly back to Denver!  I'm very excited to go back to America and see all of my friends and family but I am terrified for reality.  I have no clue what I am going to do for a job or where I will live.  Ok well that's a lie...I know I'll be with Mom and Pops until I figure that out, thanks guys ;) But I still have no clue what I want to do with the rest of my life.  I know I want to go back to school (I miss learning!!) but I have so many ideas in my head.  I have thought about a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology or a Masters in Nutrition or maybe nursing school?  I think the best idea for me now is to go home and shadow an epidemiologist, registered dietitian and nurse and go from there.  That should help me figure it out.  Well at least I hope it does! 

Till next time,